Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Website that allows you to buy direct from artist!

Save money by getting your items from me directly instead of paying inflated consignment
costs at the various galleries and shops that I sell at.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tiger's Eye Necklace with detachable pendant!

I had a custom order for this piece, but the customer has never contacted me or shown up for pickup, so it is now available for sale!! I used a back drop piece so that the length can be adjusted, but necklace itself is 20". Price for this one is $45.00
Ingredients: Tiger's Eye, Cat's Eye, Red Jasper, Goldstone, Hematite, and Sterling Silver handmade spacers.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Necklace: Malachite, Picture Jasper, 14K Gold

This is one of those rare occasions when gold really did work better with the design than silver would have. I used 14Kt bali beads as spacers, and 14K gold filled wire and round beads to finish off the necklace. There are hand carved african malachite beads used (vintage) and also I used large oval chinese picture jasper beads in the design. I also made the center pendant detachable, if you would want to just wear it by itself. This is a really heavy piece, probably close to 2 pounds! Length is approximately 22" but just a guess. Price: $100.00

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Necklace: Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Celtic Flair!

This is definately a masterpiece.

I used Sterling silver Bali beads and Sterling pendant with moonstone to enhance the colors of the Amethyst and Rainbow Moonstone. Please note, there is a lot more color in the Rainbow Moonstone beads than can be shown in this picture. The pendant has lots of "fire" to the moonstone mounted in it, too. I also used clear Quartz crystals on the bottom teir to accentuate the pendant. Length is approximately 19 inches and the price for this one is $88.00

Monday, October 31, 2005

Necklace: Moss Agate & Chinese Picture Jasper

This is a chunky earthy creation made with Heavy Sterling Silver spacers, chunky Brown Picture Jasper beads, and Moss Agate.
I enjoy looking closely at the Moss Agate, as it appears that there
is green moss trapped and floating inside the beads. Fun to wear and look at! This creation measures 18" and is customizable to whatever length that you request of me. Cost is $45.00

Necklace: Sodalite & Bone...One for the guys!

Anyone could wear this, but I find that a lot of my designs are just
too feminine for the guys. I hope that this is appreciated. It measures about
17" currently and can be lengthened to fit any neck.

It is made of Sodalite and bone beads with Sterling Silver closure and links in the back. All spacers are Balienese handmade Sterling silver also.

Cost: $35.00

A Favorite Necklace, give it some love!

I just can't understand why I have had this necklace hangin around for so long. It is so dainty and pretty. Give it a look and fall in love! Email me with any questions, length is customizable for you.


Shades of Africa, The Plaza at
King of Prusssia Mall, King of Prussia PA

Blue Sky Cafe
22 W Fourth St
Bethlehem PA 18015

My jewelry will now be available for sale and viewing in person at two businesses through the holiday shopping season as an effort to not starve during the slow winter months, please get out, take a look and support your local artist this holiday seaston!! Contact me if you would like anything specific made!
Tara Helwig

Necklace: Red Jasper, Tiger's Eye, Goldstone

Here is a real renaissance beauty! I was inspired by our local renaissance fair here in PA. I used Tiger's eye 4mm & 6mm rounds and ovals, fire-polished glass, red jasper and goldstone beads to create tjos whimsical piece. The bottom center triangle shape is Natural Amber, with a unique crackle look to it. I may still add a tassle of sterling chains and gems in the middle, you should email me at if you are interested in purchasing this beauty! Apprx length is 16" and completely customizable to your needs.

To see more of my works for sale click here:

Necklace: Peach Aventurine, Autumn Jasper, Moonstone

Here is a great dainty piece that I finished after a long day of designing, it isn't exactly symmetrical, but it is just as long on both sides, phew!

It contains Autumn jasper ovals, peach and silver moonstone, mother-of-pearl, riverstone, and a center pendant that is Sterling silver wire wrapped Peach Aventurine.

The center pendant can be detached and worn alone, and the necklace is versitile enough to be made into a bracelet, as well! I used small sterling rings that look and work like small keychains in the middle. You will love the versatiltiy of this piece!

$48.00 Approx length: 18" (adjustable to your requirements)

Necklace: Red, Gold and Green (Bloodstone, Garnet...)

Hey there!

Its another one of my new necklaces that you can detach the middle pendant from and wear it separately or with the necklace! You could also add another middle pendant for another look, or just connect it at the middle and wear the beads!
I used Bloodstone, Red Jasper, and Cat's Eye (fiber optic glass) beads in this design. The middle stone is agate, and the yellow/orange part is translucent, and beautiful to look at in the light! Length is approx 17" and is customizable by adding more links, just email me with any requests! I love custom orders! Price of this one is $35.00

If you are looking for some inspiration or would like to have me create something for you, please goto my inspiration gallery of sold works and get yourself some ideas!


Friday, October 14, 2005

Necklace: Malachite/Azurite with Malachite beads!

Spacers are lead free pewter, wire wrap is done in steel wire (may tarnish). I accept M/C, Visa, Paypal!

Click here to see a more complete collection of my works! MORE SHINEY SPARKLIES, PLEASE!